Consulting Services

Peter Taradash offers personal consulting services but only to two new clients this year and only to those who have read his most recent book, Adios Big Brother. Can you afford not to have a guru like Peter? Want to be a candidate? Write him for a “trial appointment” in Europe or Asia.

If you want to be considered as a personal client, tell Peter about your background, citizenship, ancestry, education, & skills. Then, what are your problems, & all possible solutions as you see them? If you fill out and return his questionnaire, Perhaps Peter can suggest a few new “amazing” options you never considered. One of his greatest values to clients is keeping them out of trouble and away from bad deals and swindles. You will make more money, pay less taxes have better relationships and enjoy life more.

All book buyers who have read Adios Big Brother (Bye Bye Big Brother) get a short free email conference. Peter does not need to know your real name. He recommends you use a pseudonym in all correspondence. But plan on keeping the same pen name to avoid confusion. For extremely sensitive matters other communication options– or a personal meeting– will be suggested. Peter is normally in Switzerland or Monaco, but winters in Asia or South America.

Business Background

Tax & Immigration Lawyer

Peter Taradash speaks several languages, has practiced tax and immigration law, and is a graduate of Wharton, arguably the world’s top business school. Also top law schools. He has earned a doctorate but with disdain, calls it “Ph.D” – “Just B.S. Piled Higher & Deeper.” He’s a lawyer and accountant who doesn’t think you need lawyers or accountants. Though he recognizes we might use their expertise —rarely.

Investor & P.T (Perpetual Traveler)

Gramps has a vast experience living in & coping with bureaucracy in more than twenty-five countries, including long periods in the USA, U.K., Monaco, Bermuda, Philippines and Switzerland. Since the original Adios Big Brother report (The Black Books) were published, Peter has been acknowledged as the leading expert on second passports, renunciation, *new citizenships*, tax haven residences, international private banking and alternative asset protection

Offshore International Man

Your contact and potential guru has been living as an offshore international man for nearly sixty years. He’s a lively old raconteur and prolific writer who believes passionately in giving you freedom, privacy and the right to pursue health, wealth & happiness with your time and your own hard-earned money.

What do you get as Peter's Consulting Client?

In one sentence: THE SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS plus GREAT SHORTCUTS TO ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS. As to health matters, Peter is not an M.D, but he knows exactly where in the world to find the best, most cost-effective doctors, hospitals and treatments. Besides steering you away from frauds and quacks, he can show you how to get the best treatment in Switzerland or the E.U. at a tiny fraction of stateside or even 3rd World prices.

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