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Who is Peter Taradash?

Investor, entrepreneur, ex-lawyer, published author,, lives Monaco

More About Peter

Do you need to hire Peter as your lifetime personal consultant?

Definitely Not! If you read his books you can figure out –on your own– the best paths to privacy, personal freedom, wealth, a great sex-life. You can discover Peter’s best secrets: where and how to live a near perfect, stress-free, enviable existence.

But . . .If you can afford it, Peter’s guidance will get you where you want to be, faster and with fewer mistakes. Since all written material needs constant updating, and all recommended contacts need regular reviewing, best to have regular contact, and run your plans and options by “Mr. PT”  in person — if you can afford it.

How Can Peter Help You?

In one sentence: Peter is the Solution to all Your Problems, plus a great shortcut to achieving your goals.

Relationships Expert

Successful investor & retired lawyer — living in Monaco, Switzerland, Argentina and the Philippines. He has helped people to get amicable divorces, as well as residence and citizenship in several Central American and European countries.

Writer & Consultant

With vast experience living in & coping with bureaucracy in more than twenty-five countries, including long periods in the USA, U.K., Monaco, Bermuda,  Philippines and Switzerland.

Economist & Investor

A lively old raconteur and prolific writer who believes passionately in giving you freedom, privacy and the right to pursue health, wealth & happiness with your time and your own hard-earned money.

Multi Millionaire

Peter has been acknowledged as the leading expert on second passports, renunciation, new citizenships, tax haven residences, international private banking and alternative asset protection.

A Complete Collection of Invaluable Knowledge

All his books and Confidential Reports are written in Peter Taradash’s inimitable ‘parable style’ — packed with many of his own and his client’s real-life onshore and offshore experiences.

Personal Mentoring

Peter does some personal mentoring & consulting these days. He enjoys reading answers & contributing to now and then, and is willing to give a quick email reply (free) to any serious inquiry.

Peter Answers

Peter occasionally enjoys answering questions on, here are some of his most voted answers.

Ready to Get Started?

If you want to be considered as a personal client, tell Peter about your background, citizenship, ancestry, education, & skills. Then, what are your problems, & all possible solutions as you see them? If you fill out and return his questionnaire, Perhaps Peter can suggest a few new “amazing” options you never considered. One of his greatest values to clients is keeping them out of trouble and away from bad deals and swindles. You will make more money, pay less taxes have better relationships and enjoy life more.