Think Like a Tycoon


How to make a Million in Three Years or less.

Downloadable e-book.

Purchase includes a short email conference with Peter/Grandpa (Value over $1,000) at no extra charge.


This is the classic best seller showing how to start from nothing an build a fortune in real estate.  The principles and techniques explained here will help in any business endeavor. Unlike other get rich books written by people who made all their money by selling books and course, this book by Peter Taradash is by a man who actually walked the walk.

My book, Think Like A Tycoon would probably help you to become the richest person in your town– in a few years. It worked for my girlfriend. She found a run-down property that fit my specs, fixed it up,& sold it. She is now independently wealthy–It took persistence and a year. But using my techniques, she made enough profit on one deal to never have to work again.


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