I look to you as my virtual Grandpa. You have always helped me with dozens of my questions in the last three years since I bought your books. You encouraged me in the VERY beginning to Move to the Philippines. You taught me how to Survive without staying in Big Brotherland. You made my Dreams come true! I am NOT Rich as you yet but I am working on it while living well and enjoying life!

You showed me how to find a wonderful wife here! She cooks Non GMO Food, Wonderful sea food. Is a wonderful companion. Not a lazy bone in her beautiful body. After moving here, No more painful freezing winters. Good & inexpensive Medical & Dental care! I have an Artisian Well that we drink pure spring water from ! I moved from a dump of a house in my home country to a 3 bedroom 2 bath, big house. It cost me 1/4 of what I sold the dump for. I now own a huge yard 2 acres , with coconut Trees, Tambis fruit trees,. Chile pepper plants all over, Malungai & Papaya. I even have 9 chickens for eggs & 1 rooster to keep them happy. I am treated like a KING by my wife’s extended family ! So what is RICH?

With you advice I started an Italian food & winery business they needed here but no one had my expertise. I now make over $3000 USD per week which has at least double purchasing power here. Every time I email or SKYPE you with my latest problems or ideas , you reply promptly with amazing Wisdom, and I heed …You have a good Heart! I look forward to seeing you here this year. YOU have been the BEST Grandpa any Kid could have!