To anyone reading this,

I was contemplating suicide & at the lowest point in my life when I gambled a hundred bucks on Grandpa’s P.T. Book, his “Historic Collection”, now in digital format. His P.T. concept gave me hope when I needed it. Then, with Grandpa (Peter Taradash), the author as my paid consultant, we worked out an escape plan just for me. In six months I was free of creditor’s claims and an unwarranted criminal charge.

My divorce was favorably resolved. My new-found freedom abroad eliminated stress & health problems. Net result? A new start in a new country – and Grandpa even fixed me up with a new life partner. Lost income replaced. He sold my Albatross Yacht for over $1 million. Financial independence achieved. No miracles: All it took was the Grandpa’s P.T. “Secrets”, positive attitude, and effort.

The Historic P.T. Collection though somewhat dated, will introduce you to options you never considered. Hopefully, it will change your life — as it did mine.