Peter!  Before I make a major move, It has been  quite important  to confirm with you  personally that  I was not doing something foolish. I am so privileged  to have your “blessings” on any deals I make. I learned from you what to do investment-wise and what mistakes  not to make –like going into other people’s package deals.  I must never  invest where I have no control. I now own and manage my own rental villas and a penthouse apartment– thanks to you. My gratitude Peter, forever 😉

JH, Hong Kong

I appreciate the time and energy you have put into the in-depth information in your books. It isn’t rehashed useless information. You have indeed, walked the walk.

David K.

Herr Dr. Taradash  
You are amazing! Reading your material makes it clear that you are the real McCoy.   Seldom do successful people write so candidly. Experiences you share ring true. Your advice and stories have been helpful to me as an ambitious would-be entrepreneur.  I value your content & have actually used PTO  and Tycoon successfully to start a profitable business. 

A.J., Berlin

I read your great book Bye Bye Big Brother two years ago.  It opened a whole new world for me. I got FIRE (Financial Independence & Retired Early) Best investment I ever made.

Freddy H.

Your books and reports are brilliant. You calmly give  great  practical advice on money making & love  based on  what you and others close to you actually did. Easy to understand and implement. No B.S. Thank you! PTO has changed my life! 

C.R. Los Angeles

I am lost for words. Thank you so much Mr. Taradash. You are an amazing person.  I promise to study the materials diligently and become a multi-millionaire and send you the $100 with tipsy on top!  I will tell you my story one day and maybe watch the Monaco Grand Prix with you. 

Michael Joseph

You are a very funny guy with a youthful spirit… good for you.

Seli Boni

Love your tips & quips Peter, my favorite ones being:

3. Don’t drink more (or less) than 2 liters of wine or beer – A day  🙂

[Yes I know you were kidding on this one. Love your sense of humor!]

5. Don’t make love to anyone who has a jealous spouse – haha

7. Avoid marriage – Wish I’d known this a while ago 🙂 Your best advice!


David W

Appreciate your honesty and great useful advice, Peter.

Marianne C. USA

Your material & personal advice with detailed answers really helped me … Thumbs up.

Edward O