Who is Peter Taradash and how can you use him?

Investor, entrepreneur, ex-lawyer, published author, lives Monaco

Peter Taradash is a world traveler. As “Grandpa” was the Author of Bye Bye Big Brother, Perpetual Traveler (PT) & 24 other books mostly out of print these days. He is a very experienced Octogenarian, successful stock market & real estate investor. Also a retired lawyer — now living  as a P.T. with “flags” in Monaco, Switzerland, Argentina and the Philippines. He has helped people to get amicable divorces, also residence and citizenship in several Central American and European countries.

Peter is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance (University of Pennsylvania), where dozens of Billionaires also received their education. After Wharton, Pete graduated from a top law school. He became an international lawyer, and a  world-renowned author/consultant until his semi-retirement as a P.T. in Europe.

Over the years he has worked as a consultant to a few top people and many ordinary mortals. He does some personal mentoring & consulting these days. Likes reading answers & contributing to Quora now and then.

Do you need to hire Peter as your lifetime personal consultant?

Definitely Not! If you read his books you can figure out –on your own– the best paths to privacy, personal freedom, wealth, a great sex-life. You can discover Peter’s best secrets: WHERE & HOW TO LIVE A NEAR PERFECT, STRESS-FREE, ENVIABLE EXISTENCE.

But . . .If you can afford it, Peter’s guidance will get you where you want to be, faster and with fewer mistakes. Since all written material needs constant updating, and all recommended contacts need regular reviewing, best to have regular contact, and run your plans and options by “Mr. PT” in person — if you can afford it.

No consulting client has ever regretted his decision to sign on for unlimited guidance, i.e., Peter’s most up-to-date techniques & P.T. related services. [P.S. All his books and writings include a free short consultation by e-mail.]

If you are diffident about plunking down €15k cash, you can have a sample ½ day, in person with Peter for €1000- for a trial session. If you decide to sign on for the full deal (and you’ll be accepted only if Peter is sure he can help you) the €1000 is fully deductible. But you get a short e-mail conference with the €100 purchase of his “scholarship book package.”

What do you get as Peter's Consulting Client?

In one sentence: THE SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS plus GREAT SHORTCUTS TO ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS. As to health matters, Peter is not an M.D, but he knows exactly where in the world to find the best, most cost-effective doctors, hospitals and treatments. Besides steering you away from frauds and quacks, he can show you how to get the best treatment in Switzerland or the E.U. at a tiny fraction of stateside or even 3rd World prices.

Peter Taradash is among other things, a lawyer, domestic relations expert, economist, retired multi-millionaire (at age 30!) super-successful investor and an accounting grad with nearly 60 years of P.T. experience. He has written over 2 dozen books — most of which are currently available as digital downloads. Contact him to see Book List (free.)

Why Does Peter Taradash remain anonymous?

There’s a simple answer: He follows his own advice. “Peter” and his team of experienced experts have uncovered and frequently revealed secrets they can talk about only anonymously. In their home countries they might be harassed, charged with conspiracy, or even face jail time. Freedom isn’t free. As Voltaire said, “It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong.” If you feel your government is wrong about some things, you are in the right place to find out how to cope effectively.

A Complete Collection of Invaluable Knowledge

All his books and Confidential Reports are written in Peter Taradash’s inimitable ‘parable style’ — packed with many of his own and his client’s real-life onshore and offshore experiences.

Peter Answers

Peter occasionally enjoys answering questions on Quora.com, here are some of his most voted answers.