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Portable Trades & Offshore Opportunities

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If you need money and don’t want (or can’t get)  a job, here are about 100 different ways to earn serious money legally without any licenses, diplomas, special training or investment. Old saying is “find a need and fill it.” Portable Trades identifies many needs and shows you exactly how to fill them.

How to make more than enough money to be self-supporting. Live anywhere in the world/No college degrees or licenses required. Usually little or no money needed to start earning money in your own enterprise.

Think Like A Tycoon

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This is the classic best seller showing how to start from nothing an build a fortune in real estate.  The principles and techniques explained here will help in any business endeavor. Unlike other get rich books written by people who made all their money by selling books and course, this book by Peter Taradash is by a man who actually walked the walk.

My book, Think Like A Tycoon would probably help you to become the richest person in your town– in a few years. It worked for my girlfriend. She found a run-down property that fit my specs, fixed it up,& sold it. She is now independently wealthy–It took persistence and a year. But using my techniques, she made enough profit on one deal to never have to work again

How to Get Legal Residence in the Tax Haven of Campione

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List price €100 alone

How to Get Legal Residence in the Tax Haven of Campione. The Author, Peter Taradash was amazed when he heard that people were selling the right to reside in Europe for up to $100,000. In this report he explains how to gain legal residence & live forever in the best, most prosperous and safest countries in Europe for the cost of renting (or buying) an apartment.

For the cost of renting an apartment in Campione d’ Italia, you can get an ID card and lifetime Swiss driving license. You get a Swiss PO address, Swiss Internet, Swiss plates for your car, etc. This allows you to travel anywhere in Europe as the equivalent of a dual citizen of Italy and Switzerland. Visas to anywhere are easy to get for Campione residents. Price includes free e-mail question/conference with the Author regarding Campione.

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